Influencer Marketing

It’s all around us. From blogs to social media, it has worked its way into all of our various marketing channels. You see it on the trending page on YouTube, the explore page on Instagram, and retweeted all over our twitter pages.

Now, I get what you might be thinking. What is Influencer Marketing? What benefits does it bring to my brand and myself? Where would I even start? That’s why we’re here. To give you all the answers we possibly can in one post.

What is it?

Influencer marketing is a branch of marketing that focuses on using key influencers in your brand’s market to get the message out about your service or product. This means that people who have established a social media presence use their platform to partner with brands to help promote their message. These influencers are not just your typical celebrities or athletes but normal people just like you and me.

By doing this, brands are able to get closer than ever before to their demographic and gain insight into a whole new segment of their consumers. Most consumers treat their favorite influencers as if they were their friends. They listen to what they have to say, follow their every move, and trust their opinions more than most of the other people in their lives.

Why is it beneficial?

More and more consumers are looking all over for information about certain companies, brands, etc. In fact:

  • A recent Nielsen study shows that influencer marketing content delivers 11X higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing.
  • According to Twitter analytics, Twitter users report a 5.2X increase in purchase intent when exposed to promotional content from influencers.
  • 96% of people believe that the advertising industry does not act with integrity—69% of these people attribute their mistrust to the advertisers’ desire to sell more effectively, according to a study done by IpsosOTX.
  • In an Infolinks study, only 14% of people can recall the last time they saw an ad and identify the offer it was promoting.

The list of statistics continues on. The perks that influencer marketing brings cover all of the bases. It’s proven to increase your ROI, give you a better reach across all platforms, and increase your profit margin tremendously.

How can you use Influencer Marketing for good?

Here at Greenstarzz, we focus a lot on doing good. It’s what we strive for. Like we’ve said, our mission is to connect influencers and CSR leaders who share common values. We help to provide the tools so you can focus on amplifying your message through Influencer Marketing and reach new audiences. Plus, by looking at the statistics above, you can see Influencer Marketing is a very powerful way to not only amplify your message but also raise money for a very worthy cause.

By working with us, we allow you to focus on the “doing good” part of your CSR campaign. We work to find you the influencers that will have the strongest impact on your campaign allowing you to solely focus on collaborating with the influencers in order to get the strongest message across.

Plus, at Greenstarzz, we share the same social mission as the influencers and marketers we work with.  We want to do our part and give back to the environment. That’s why we donate 5% of our proceeds back to the non-profit we’re working with.

Interested in hearing more? Check us out here and learn how you can start doing good with Influencer Marketing.

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