Social Media 101 - Part 2

Social Media 101 – Part 2

A Guide To Selecting The Right Social Media Channel For Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

A few weeks ago we talked about what some would call the “main” social media channels used by brands. From the sheer sharing power of Facebook to the attention grabbing flow of Instagram, we helped you navigate the ins and outs on how to make social media work for you and your brand.

But what about the rest? Is there a world that lies beyond Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat? That’s what we want to find out.


YouTube takes the crown when it comes to video sharing. Their platform allows users to not only upload content to their site but also view, rate, share and comment on videos. This Collective Bias study shows that 22.8% of men and 13.9% of women are taken in by YouTube influencers when it comes to their buying decisions. While that may not seem like a lot, when it comes to a younger demographic, over 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers say they relate to YouTube creators more than traditional celebrities.


Besides being the go-to site when you’re trying to crank out a DIY project, Pinterest has become a staple site in the world of social media. Women make up 85% of Pinterest users, which is beneficial to brands since studies show that women typically make the majority of the purchasing decisions when it comes to households. Along with this, 55% of US online shoppers pick Pinterest as their favorite social media platform. In case you didn’t know, Pinterest serves as a common hub for users to share ideas. Users “pin” these ideas to various “boards” they create, all pertaining to different subject matters. Each pin leads to another webpage where the user can see instructions and more details into how to carry out or purchase whatever was on that pin. Typically, 50% of visits happen after 3.5 months of first pinning giving brands a large window of opportunity.

Pinterest ROI Study


While Tumblr has been around for a little under 11 years, they have just recently started to pay their creators a cut of their advertising shares. Most brands haven’t completely tapped into the full potential of this site yet, which is shocking because the average visit is around 14 minutes, which is longer than both Twitter and Facebook. Tumblr is a total youth market with 66% of visitors being under 35 and 39% being under 25. While this site may target itself more to a niche brand market, if you’re looking to attract a younger demographic, Tumblr may be the way to go.


Now while the subject of a blog being considered a social media site is a debated topic, I wouldn’t count it out when it comes to crafting an influencer marketing campaign. There’s a lot of power behind bloggers and their sites, especially when it comes to influencer marketing. Consumers can relate more to these influencers and value their opinions more than “celebrity” influencers. Did you know 30% of consumers are more likely to buy a product recommended by a non-celebrity blogger and while shopping at a store, 60% consumers have been influenced by a social media post or a blog review.

And there it is! Five more social media platforms broken down for your own benefit. Want to more? We’d love to hear from you!