Corporate Social Responsibility.

Who knew that three little words could hold such a strong impact? If you haven’t read our last post (which you can read here), corporate social responsibility (CSR) is how you, as a corporation, measure your initiatives and take responsibility for your company’s effects on environmental and social well being. Having a functioning idea of CSR is extremely important in your corporate structure.

CSR is a strong component for all companies. Like we said, here at Greenstarzz, we like to put the emphasis back on doing good, and that’s exactly what CSR does! Being socially responsible is key to maintaining not only a steady business, but an ethical one as well. Today, consumers are looking into brands that not only benefit them, but the place or community in which they live. If your company does not have a good track record when it comes to how you do business, most likely, new consumers are going to be driven to your more socially responsible competitor. Take our advice, be the socially responsible competitor that is taking up all of the business.

Influencer marketing is the key!

It’s easy to get started. Influencer marketing is the key! It’s been proven that influencer marketing has the highest reach in Millennials and Millennials tend to have a higher level of trust in strong CSR companies. Don’t believe us? Here are some more facts to show that we mean business.

  • According to this Nielsen article, 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations to influence their buying decisions.
  • 81% of Millennials expect organizations to make public declarations of their corporate citizenship according to an article done by the Huffington Post.
  • Almost 66% of consumers are willing to pay extra for products and services that come from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact (Nielsen).
  • From a study done by, 88% of millennials believe that  businesses have the power to create positive social change. But 70% don’t think businesses are doing enough.

The Huffington Post reports that traditional advertising won’t work with Millennials. They can see right through it. Conveying CSR efforts to Millennials requires authenticity and a unique approach. Millennials grew up with the internet and want their voices heard. They expect a two-way, open dialogue with companies and their brands. This means that these young consumers are actually taking the time and looking beyond a product and into the brand. It takes more than a cool product to win over a Millennial.

According to, a reputation is a brand’s most valuable asset. Make sure you’re making yours a good one.

That’s where we come in. Here at Greenstarzz, our goal is to make integrating a CSR platform as easy as possible. With our tools and experience, your campaign is sure to be a success from the very beginning.

Interested in getting started? We’d love to hear from you! Send us an email or call us at 402-506-9042.



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