A Day In The Life Of Greta Eagan

Introducing Greta Eagan

For this month’s day-in-the-life, we sat down with eco fashion blogger Greta Eagan. On her blog,, Greta shows how you can be stylish while making a difference every day.

Q: What is the main purpose of your blog?

A: My hope is that my blog is both a place of inspiration and a resource for eco-friendly fashion, beauty, and travel for those who want to live their lives with both style and sustainability.

Q: Can you explain your step by step process of creating and publishing sponsored content?

A: I work with brands as sponsors. They may sponsor a post, video, Instagram post or story, etc. I select the item(s) I want, style and feature and I work with professional photographers and videographers to create high quality original content. I then use that content to share the product or experience with my audience. I also encourage the brands I I work with to utilize this new and original content on the social media channels. It’s a win win!

Q: What is your personal favorite part of being an influencer?

A: I really enjoy the creative process of making content with brands I resonate with.

Q: Has being an influencer impacted the way you get your message across?

A: Definitely. I’m also really lucky to have a book published in the eco fashion and beauty space because it lends to my credentials as someone recommending products with authority.

Q: What is your personal favorite social media platform and why?

A:  I’m loving Instagram. I love the Stories feature for everyday sharing and when I’m traveling.

Q: What inspired you to spread the word about eco fashion?

A: I arrive to be helpful. To share my eco conscious choices within the realm of fashion and beauty to hopefully help others see that they too can navigate the space and be super stylish and self expressed.

Q: Do you have any advice to anyone looking to get started in operating a blog?

There’s a saying in the startup world… Just ship! Don’t wait for your post or your site or your following to be perfect. Just ship! Get your content out there and do it consistently. You may look back and be embarrassed at those first posts (like me, haha) but that’s how you start and how you grow and get better. Your audience will grow with you and appreciate your journey so just do it.

Q: Anything else you want to add?

Break when you need to. Last year I took a break from blogging. I shared it with my audience and didn’t know if I’d come back to my blog. I just knew I needed a break and it was the best thing I did for my blog. Because I found that I missed it and I also discovered the terms on which I wanted to come back and run my blog. It was super powerful and so helpful in the long run.

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Social Media 101 – Part 2

A Guide To Selecting The Right Social Media Channel For Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

A few weeks ago we talked about what some would call the “main” social media channels used by brands. From the sheer sharing power of Facebook to the attention grabbing flow of Instagram, we helped you navigate the ins and outs on how to make social media work for you and your brand.

But what about the rest? Is there a world that lies beyond Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat? That’s what we want to find out.


YouTube takes the crown when it comes to video sharing. Their platform allows users to not only upload content to their site but also view, rate, share and comment on videos. This Collective Bias study shows that 22.8% of men and 13.9% of women are taken in by YouTube influencers when it comes to their buying decisions. While that may not seem like a lot, when it comes to a younger demographic, over 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers say they relate to YouTube creators more than traditional celebrities.


Besides being the go-to site when you’re trying to crank out a DIY project, Pinterest has become a staple site in the world of social media. Women make up 85% of Pinterest users, which is beneficial to brands since studies show that women typically make the majority of the purchasing decisions when it comes to households. Along with this, 55% of US online shoppers pick Pinterest as their favorite social media platform. In case you didn’t know, Pinterest serves as a common hub for users to share ideas. Users “pin” these ideas to various “boards” they create, all pertaining to different subject matters. Each pin leads to another webpage where the user can see instructions and more details into how to carry out or purchase whatever was on that pin. Typically, 50% of visits happen after 3.5 months of first pinning giving brands a large window of opportunity.

Pinterest ROI Study


While Tumblr has been around for a little under 11 years, they have just recently started to pay their creators a cut of their advertising shares. Most brands haven’t completely tapped into the full potential of this site yet, which is shocking because the average visit is around 14 minutes, which is longer than both Twitter and Facebook. Tumblr is a total youth market with 66% of visitors being under 35 and 39% being under 25. While this site may target itself more to a niche brand market, if you’re looking to attract a younger demographic, Tumblr may be the way to go.


Now while the subject of a blog being considered a social media site is a debated topic, I wouldn’t count it out when it comes to crafting an influencer marketing campaign. There’s a lot of power behind bloggers and their sites, especially when it comes to influencer marketing. Consumers can relate more to these influencers and value their opinions more than “celebrity” influencers. Did you know 30% of consumers are more likely to buy a product recommended by a non-celebrity blogger and while shopping at a store, 60% consumers have been influenced by a social media post or a blog review.

And there it is! Five more social media platforms broken down for your own benefit. Want to more? We’d love to hear from you!

A Day In The Life – Special Edition

Introducing Greenstarzz Ambassador Casey Sheppard

We’re back with a special edition of our Day In The Life series. We’re sponsoring Casey Sheppard, creator of, on her month long bike tour through New Zealand — 3000km solo across New Zealand, and all for a good cause. We sat down with Casey to get all the details about her upcoming tour in this exclusive interview.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog.

I’m an inspirational speaker and nomad who lived on the road in a converted live/work space traveling across the US for over 2 years. July 1st 2015, I left a successful career in Los Angeles for an unexpected adventure. The transition from a life of normalcy to a life of wandering has opened up new found philosophies to ponder about culture, society, gender, race and much more. Using words (weekly blog post), video (monthly youtube) and other mediums, I tell stories about life as a solo traveler and adventurer to inspire girls to follow their hearts, which may lead to them obtaining super powers of radness!

Q: What is your upcoming tour of New Zealand all about?

Tour Aotearoa, is a 3000km 30-day solo self-supported bike tour of both islands of New Zealand. I will start at Cape Reinga and ride an average of 86 miles a day. I will be finding my own food, water, and campsites. I’ll be sleeping in a one-person Big Agnes tent for the 30 days. I will also be documenting my experience with video, photos, and journaling to share with others. Follow this epic adventure through my website, I’ll be carrying a spot tracker so you can see my every move (no stalking please:)). So why take on this crazy feat? To show that anyone, even a hick girl from the cornfields of Nebraska, can do anything they put their mind to. That it is so freaking important to believe in the impossible, to dream big (or small) and most of all to follow your amazingly badass rebel heart!!!!! Are you with me??????

Q: What makes you so passionate about sustainability and how do you make an impact?

Van Life

After living in a van for two years, I found the importance of sustainability and how we take for granted the resources we have at our fingertips: running water, electricity, etc. I use less, spend less. Little tasks like eating at local restaurants, investing in local CSA programs, bring my own cup to the coffee shop, take fewer showers, recycle, reuse, work with local companies that make local/global impact for good/environment and most imporantly use what I have instead of going out to buy new. 

Q: What made you reach out to Greenstarzz and apply for sponsorship?

I was drawn to Greenstarzz because it’s based in my hometown. It’s local. I heard Dennis (one of the founders of Greenstarzz) speak at Lincoln Start Up week and was hooked. As a brand ambassador I rely on companies for support and I get to choose to work with companies that make a difference, that give back. That’s why I decided to work with Greenstarzz.

Q: Why do you think influencers should support companies in their sustainability efforts?

That’s how we make a bigger impact. Companies do their sustainability efforts and influencers share it with the world. Couldn’t be a better fit!!!

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

It takes little effort to bring good to the world. It’s in our everyday acts. You just have to change little habits, you don’t have to buy all local groceries just try buying milk from a local dairy farm. That new consistent habit is a game changer! Or making a small consistent yearly donation to your radio station or environmental company. Little efforts make a big impact!


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Corporate Social Responsibility Myths: Debunked

The Five Most Common CSR Myths And How You Can Avoid Them

Like most topics in the world today, there’s always a group or groups of people spreading wrong information. Sometimes it’s done on purpose and sometimes by accident, but either way, it can hurt an organization’s goals. We know that’s the last thing any of us want. That’s why we’ve sat down and collected the five most common CSR myths and how to avoid them.

1. Giving checks to charities is good enough

Doing good is more than just writing a check and handing it off, it’s vital in building trust with employees and customers alike.  Research shows when there is a high level of trust in a company, it drives business performance by attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. Simply put, people want the companies that they buy from to show sustainably in their campaigns. Along with these companies having these values, consumers also want them to get serious about marketing them in a socially responsible way.

2. Doing good is not what “real businesses” do.

First off, this doesn’t even make sense. I get that their might be this stereotype about “big business” not caring about the “little guy” but in reality, 64% of CEOs say that (CSR) is  “core to their business”. A high level of trust makes employees more committed to staying with the company, partners are more willing to collaborate and investors are more prepared to entrust stewardship of their funding. 75% of millennials would actually take a pay cut to work for a responsible company.

3. CSR should only be about doing good; it should not be linked to business.

Now here’s the flip side of the previous point. While doing a strictly CSR-centric campaign on the side of your business is a good thing, you are not maximizing the full potential of the campaign. Like most things in business, you have to look at the return. What is this campaign going to do for my business? How will my actions help my company grow? Bottom line, a CSR campaign is not sustainable unless it provides a direct benefit to the company.

4. Anything that helps improves lives can be counted as CSR

Like we said, a CSR campaign is not sustainable unless it provides a direct benefit to the company and this applies to when you’re deciding what you want to give back to. If you’re a children’s clothing store, it may not  make sense for you to donate to an organization focused on men’s health.  You have to take a step back and look at your company’s values. Why do you think pet stores fund campaigns that benefit animals? Or why technology companies work to fund programs that educate others on their technology? Find a campaign that is directly linked to your business and its success and integrate it with your business.

5. CSR often opens a company to cynical criticism

With anything in business, there comes risk closely behind. Companies in the past have tried to take positions on subjects they don’t have a part in or used these positions in a way that completely misses the mark. I’m sure reading this you have a few already in your mind. While there is always that risk when running a CSR campaign, there is also a tremendous amount of reward when done properly. That’s why research and careful vetting is extremely important. Run the ad through focus groups, know everything you need to know about the cause you’re trying to advocate for. With careful preparation there’s no reason for your campaign to result in a negative way.

And there you have it. Five common myths related to CSR and how to get around them. Want to read more about CSR? Check out our other posts in our “CSR Corner” here!

A Day In The Life Of Kathryn Kellogg

Introducing Kathryn Kellogg

It’s another day-in-the-life! We’re back, giving you even more of an insight into the ins and outs, the day to day, what makes these influencers so passionate about their causes.This time, we sat down with Kathryn Kellogg, creator of, a blog that works to educate others about the benefits of “zero-waste” living.

Q: What is the main purpose of your blog?

A: The main purpose of my blog is to educate others on how to reduce their impact on the planet through zero waste living. I offer comprehensive step-by-step guides to break zero waste living down into simple actionable tips with an emphasis on doing your best.

Q: Can you explain your step by step process of creating and publishing sponsored content?

A: I thoroughly test any product for 2-6 weeks depending on what it may be. For example, I can test something like a water bottle in 2 weeks, but will need longer for a mattress. I tend to upload 5-10 photos for each post, and write 500-800 words. The post will be advertised on facebook, instagram, and twitter.

Profile picture of social media influencer, Kathryn Kellogg, interviewing with GreenstarzzQ: What is your personal favorite part of being an influencer?

A: I love connecting with people. It’s an amazing way to meet like minded people and help them make actionable choices to leave a good impact on the planet.

Q: Has being an influencer impacted the way you get your message across?

A: Nope, I’ve been me from day one. I fully accredit my authenticity and unwavering stance to how I’ve grown my audience in such a short spans of time.

Q: What is your personal favorite social media platform and why?

A: I definitely spend the most time on instagram. It’s a great way to connect images and words. The interface makes it really easy to interact with others in a personal way; I don’t feel like you get that on facebook or twitter.

Q: What inspired you to spread the word about zero waste living?

A: I felt there needed to be a voice in the community that let everyone know, “No matter where you are you can make a difference. It’s not about perfection; it’s about making better choices.” That message has really resonated with people, and it’s one of the main reasons zero waste living is going mainstream.

Interested in learning more about Kathryn and her blog or just have questions that we didn’t answer? You can find her here or check her out on Instagram.

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Social Media 101 – Part 1

A Guide To Selecting The Right Social Media Channel For Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

For the past 10+ years, social media sites have continued to grow at a rapid pace and they haven’t showed any signs of slowing down. As certain sites have experienced different roller coasters of popularity at different times, they still stand to be one of the fastest changing and most adaptable marketing tools in the business, all possessing different traits.


As you’ve probably gathered, we like to give you the inside scoop in all things Influencer Marketing. That’s the reason you’re reading this post right now. We’re here to give you the inside scoop on when/where/why to use certain social media platforms.

Social Media


The modern-day site that started it all. My early memories of interacting with brands all tie back to Facebook, from liking brand pages to sharing where I was or what I was doing. Think of it as an early form of influencer marketing. Social media users everywhere finally had a platform that made it easy for them to share their opinions on brands and what was going on around them. And the trend kept going up from there. In fact, 32 percent of US influencers who currently work with brands cite Facebook as the best platform. What started as a friends sharing information between other friends made Facebook  the most influential social channel with  19% of consumer purchases influenced by Facebook posts


Like we said, all of these sites have been through their own roller coasters of popularity and right now, Twitter is on the decline.  According to this survey, Twitter has less than 2% influence on consumer buying decisions, making it the least influential social channel in today’s world. But don’t count them out yet. Without twitter, where would we have learned to love our beloved #hashtags. Plus, twitter still has a fantastic reach. More than 50% of Twitter users follow various celebs from the music and entertainment industry. Their reach continues to be the highest. However the same study does reveal that people follow them for entertainment and not for product recommendations. This isn’t a downfall though. It just means your message on Twitter might be a bit different than any other platform.

Social Media User


Instagram has catapulted itself into social media fame these past few months. With it’s constant developments and ability to let its users establish their own personal brands through their pages, Instagram has proven to be unstoppable. In fact, the same study that found that Facebook is the most commonly used platform also found that Instagram is a close second, coming in at 24 percent. Plus, according to Google Trends, between August 2016 and August 2017 searches  for the term  “Instagram influencer” have almost tripled, showing it’s insane growth over the past few years.


Snapchat is definitely an underrated social media platform when it comes to brand utilization. The reason behind that? Well, in the grand scheme of things, it’s a relatively new platform. With other sites you get the long lasting effect of the permanent post but with Snapchat, the “stories” these brands post will be deleted after 24 hours. This past year, Snapchat actually surpassed Twitter’s daily users by coming in at 150 million daily users. So while these stories may only be up for 24 hours, that’s 150 million people you can reach in that time frame. Which is why it would make sense that 64% of brands are now on Snapchat. While it may not be the primo social media site yet, it’s definitely on the rise. Along with the mass amount of influencers already on Snapchat, there is also a feature that allows you to buy ad space that will be scattered throughout your chosen target markets stories.

Best Social Media Platform for Influencer Marketing

Now we know that there are more social media sites then the one’s we listed, but we have to start and end somewhere. Is there a site you want to know more about? Give us a shout and we’d be happy to help you out!

How Millennials Impact the Marketing Industry

The Millennial Impact

It’s virtually impossible to go a day and not hear the term “Millennial”. You log onto Facebook and see an op-ed about this generation’s role in society. Later you check Twitter and see a statement about Millennials carefully drafted in 280 characters or less. Millennials are one of the most discussed generations in present day. And why shouldn’t they be? According to a Nielsen study, Millennials make up ¼ of our population, making them 3x larger than the generation before them.


Now, I know what you’re thinking. What do these random statistics about Millennials have to do with my marketing plan. Well, the answer is everything. Millennials are quickly on the rise to be the most powerful generation in the world. Statistics show that, in the US, Millennials have about $1.3 trillion in annual buying power, 15% of millennial smartphone owners purchases directly through their smartphones daily, and 5 out of 6 Millennials openly connect with companies on all of the various social media network. All of these statistics plus more lead to the fact that there is a very large reach among Millennials, making them a very effective target market.

Millennials want to be seen as individuals

When it comes to Millennials, we’re familiar with the numbers but one thing that seems to be skimmed over is how Millennials actually want to be reached. See, Millennials want to be seen as individuals. They don’t typically like to be lumped in with everyone else, making it seem like they’re hard to reach but in all reality, is isn’t. Allowing them to see themselves as an individual participating in what your brand has to offer goes a long way.

Millennials want to be seen as individuals

Don’t be fooled though, Millennials have also been reported to be the first to see through shady advertising deals and will point out ads they don’t feel are genuine. According to a Forbes study, companies who look beyond their typical corporate structure and go in with the understanding that their CSR initiatives play a part in their overall success, tend to be more successful overall.

Marketing to Millennials

According to that same Forbes article, the average Millennial will donate an average of $600 this year alone to various charitable causes. Millennials are known to be the most generous with their time, money, and influence. They respond well to CSR driven campaigns and they have no problem using social media in order to make that change. Philanthropic initiatives are what inspire Millennials to give back and invest. They follow the brands that they believe in.

Marketing to Millennials

Knowing how to relate to Millenials will take you farther in any business endeavor you venture in on. For the small steps it takes, you are almost guaranteed to bring in amazing results. Need help getting started? Let us know and we’ll lead you in the right direction.

The Dos and Don’ts of Influencer Marketing

7 Dos and Don’ts of Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing has been an up and coming trend for the past few years. As social media grows in popularity, more and more brands are finding new and innovative ways to grow with it. According to a Mediakix survey, searches for the phrase “Influencer Marketing” increased  90x in Google searches from 2013 to 2016. Most of that growth came from those searches being almost doubled in the first nine months of 2017. Just like any trend, there are always things that need to be tweaked and changed. Influencer Marketing is still new, meaning the measurements behind it aren’t perfect. You can be extremely successful, there are just a few things to be mindful of when curating your campaign. That’s why we’ve come up with seven do’s and don’ts to keep in mind:

  1. DON’T hire influencers based on followers

We get it, those big numbers look nice when you click on the page but in all reality, it means nothing. What’s really important is the engagement they have with their followers. Sure they might be pushing 500k but their most recent tweet only has two likes. Seems a little off, don’t you think? It’s all about quantity over quality, my friend.

  1. DO choose the right influencer

Along with making sure they’re active, you also want to make sure it makes sense for them to be promoting your brand. Look at the other campaigns they’ve done or even what they post about their own livelihoods. Once you agree to work with them, you are tying your name to their brand. Before you chose to work with an influencer, look at their social media and make sure it matches what you’re looking for.


  1. DON’T forget to build influencer relationships

Like I said, you either succeed together or you fail together. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Take the time and get to know your influencer. Make sure that they have everything they need and let them know that you want them to succeed just as much as they do.

  1. DO amplify influencer messages

Just like your brand, a lot is riding on the success of your influencers post when on the influencer side. You both succeed and you both fail together so why not give them a little boost? Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow you to boost your influencers posts from your account. That way your audience AND their audience will see the post.

Influencer Marketing

  1. DON’T forget to set influencer guidelines

With all of the different social media mediums out there, a lot of things can get lost in translation. Make sure you have specific guidelines for how you want your message to be shared to all of your influencers audience.

  1. DO check the amount of sponsored content your influencer creates

When every post is sponsored, it makes it hard to determine if the influencer is just doing it for the money or they just love literally everything. At the end of the day, the amount of sponsored content created by your influencer plays a huge part into how genuine they are when it comes to what they say about products.

  1. DON’T try to limit their creativity

You’re hiring these people for a reason, let them do their job. It can become very easy  for marketers to try to put their own ideas into the content created by their influencers. While the intentions may be good, this can destroy the authenticity of the content making it harder for the influencers audience to trust them and your brand. It all comes back to #2, if you chose your influencer carefully, you should be able to trust them fully to create content that reflects your brand.

And that’s it! Seven do’s and don’ts when it comes to working with influencers and curating the best campaign to get you the best results. Interested in learning more about how you can finally get started with Influencer Marketing? Head over to our website and we’d be happy to help!

A Day In The Life Of Laura Baross

Introducing Laura Baross

Ever wondered what it’s like to be an influencer who uses their platform to do good? The ins and outs, the day to day, what makes them so passionate about their causes? Well, we have the answers! We sat down with Laura Baross, creator of, a blog dedicated to helping others achieve a “zero-waste” way of life.

Social Media Influencer for Greenstarzz, Laura Baross, focused on helping others go green

Q: What is the main purpose of your blog?

A: It’s basically a platform I created to help educate my friends and readers about the environmentally friendly options that are out there. It’s also a good place to document my own experience of a journey to more conscious and green living.

Q: Can you explain your step by step process of creating and publishing sponsored content?

A: It depends on the client and whether they would prefer a blog or an Instagram post. When I’m creating a blog post I’ll provide a stream of photos that relate to one specific topic. I usually take the product shots myself or I work with my team of photographers. We share photos for exchange of a picture credit or an IG shootout. When it comes to Instagram, I find it very important to have a nice grid layout. It’s the first thing people see when they open up your profile. Once the photos are shot, I do all the editing myself to have a consistent look throughout my feed. I’m using Photoshop or apps on my phone such as VSCO or Snapdseed. I really enjoy this part.

Other way to promote on Instagram is via stories, where I create a short video with a message that I want to share. I only work with companies that I believe in. That makes my job a lot easier as I’m basically sharing the great work they put in their products and services.

Laura Baross profile image on Greenstarzz, white shirt, long brown hair, smiling, discussing environmentally conscious blogQ: What is your personal favorite part of being an influencer?

A: It’s just really nice to be able to share my ideas with someone who’s going through the same thoughts as me and help them grow faster without having to spend so much time researching. I think it’s really important to have more influencers on social media platforms who are promoting something good. Something that is beneficial for society, the environment and the earth. We don’t really have more planets in stock — so for me being an influencer is doing good.

Q: Has being an influencer impacted the way you get your message across?

A: Definitely. I was never really into social media, I prefer real life. When I first started using Instagram, my account was more personal; for a few friends. Once it started to take off, I realized that people were mostly following me for my appearance and my looks. I never considered myself a fashion or a beauty blogger. It was all out there but it was just a shell and I was missing the deeper meaning behind my posts. As I started going through the process of minimizing my life and looking for options that are more environmentally friendly, I became a conscious consumer myself. The second I started living the way that was aligned with my beliefs, my whole message on Instagram changed. It also felt good to post and share posts with a message.

Q: What is your personal favorite social media platform and why?

A: I would say Instagram. It’s definitely the best platform that shows your creative work. Coming from an artsy background I see it as a portfolio page. One page, that opens up a gallery of your images. It’s easy to get a feeling of someone’s vibe and taste in just few seconds while swiping through one’s profile.

Q: What inspired you to spread the word about zero waste living?

A: It all started when I moved to New York from Europe. I saw all of the unnecessary plastic packing in the stores, trashy mentality and waste on the streets. In that second, I started re-thinking my own habits and waste management. The more I got involved the more amazing people, brands and organizations I came across that share values that I believe in. I know people from the eco-friendly world and I have good relationships and with brands such as Bureo and worked with Packagefree Shop founded by zero waste warrior Lauren Singer.

Q: Anything else you want to add?

A: I just want to practice what I preach. The second you realize there’s a way to do things better, you don’t want to take steps back. You just want to keep the momentum and push forward.

Interested in learning more about Laura and her blog or just have questions that we didn’t answer? You can find her here or check her out on Instagram.

Here at Greenstarzz, Our mission is to connect influencers, like Laura, who share common values. We provide the tools to amplify your message through Influencer Marketing and reach new audiences. Interested in hearing more about what we do or how to get started? Get in touch.



CSR 2.0

Calling all CSR experts, this one’s for you.

I’m guessing you’ve known what CSR is and why it’s important for a while now. You know the ins and outs of how to create an amazing campaign centered around social responsibility. You’ve probably even analyzed the return you’ve seen on your best CSR campaigns. But, what if I were to tell you that there’s an even better way to get your CSR campaign off and running or even improve an already existing CSR campaign?

Influencer marketing has begun to take over the marketing world through its personal and relatable tactics. CSR is naturally human-focused and is used to spark something amongst passionate communities.  By using online influencers, you have found your essential partner in integrating CSR or creating a brand new CSR campaign.

The Secret to a Successful Influencer Campaign

two women smiling and looking at a cell phone displaying a social influencer's social media posts

In order to be successful in integrating influencers, you have to focus on the number of advocates and supporters who already spread your message with a relevant audience. They’ve already established themselves and garnered a certain amount of trust with their followers. You’ll also need the support of those same influencers working toward the same goals. This effort has to be a joint one. Both sides need to be in the loop of what’s going on, or it will become very easy for the message to get lost in the shuffle.  Whenever you are dealing with sensitive issues, you’ll have to be prepared to handle opposing viewpoints, criticism and challenges from all sides. When you’re working online, where information travels quickly, all parties must know how to actively respond. This is why it’s so great to work with vetted Greenstarzz influencers who know what they’re talking about. They’ve already established a following with your target demographic, making them a key asset to any campaign. They know your target market just as well as you do, which is why it’s important to take a good look at their insights and what works well for them and match them with yours. Whether you’re looking to start a brand new campaign with influencers, or looking to integrate them into your already existing campaign, the rules stay virtually the same. These influencers can be invaluable in helping you raise awareness, starting a new program, or even managing a crisis.

Market your CSR

Influencer marketing being integrated into CSR is not a  brand new idea. In fact, campaigns are already starting to be nominated for their efforts. The Shorty Awards are an award show recognizing social media stars and campaigns every year. In the category for Influencer and Celebrity campaigns, National Geographic’s “High-Five, Give $5. Save Big Cats” made it into the finals, making them some of the top influencer marketing campaigns integrating CSR.

Interested in getting started or have questions about other ways to incorporate CSR? Check us out at and get your campaign started today!