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Social Media 101 – Part 2

A Guide To Selecting The Right Social Media Channel For Your Influencer Marketing Campaign A few weeks ago we talked about what some would call the “main” social media channels used by brands. From the sheer sharing power of Facebook to the attention grabbing flow of Instagram, we helped you navigate the ins and outs […]

A Day In The Life – Special Edition

Introducing Greenstarzz Ambassador Casey Sheppard We’re back with a special edition of our Day In The Life series. We’re sponsoring Casey Sheppard, creator of, on her month long bike tour through New Zealand — 3000km solo across New Zealand, and all for a good cause. We sat down with Casey to get all the […]

A Day In The Life Of Kathryn Kellogg

Introducing Kathryn Kellogg It’s another day-in-the-life! We’re back, giving you even more of an insight into the ins and outs, the day to day, what makes these influencers so passionate about their causes.This time, we sat down with Kathryn Kellogg, creator of, a blog that works to educate others about the benefits of “zero-waste” […]

How Millennials Impact the Marketing Industry

The Millennial Impact It’s virtually impossible to go a day and not hear the term “Millennial”. You log onto Facebook and see an op-ed about this generation’s role in society. Later you check Twitter and see a statement about Millennials carefully drafted in 280 characters or less. Millennials are one of the most discussed generations […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Influencer Marketing

7 Dos and Don’ts of Influencer Marketing Influencer Marketing has been an up and coming trend for the past few years. As social media grows in popularity, more and more brands are finding new and innovative ways to grow with it. According to a Mediakix survey, searches for the phrase “Influencer Marketing” increased  90x in Google […]

A Day In The Life Of Laura Baross

Introducing Laura Baross Ever wondered what it’s like to be an influencer who uses their platform to do good? The ins and outs, the day to day, what makes them so passionate about their causes? Well, we have the answers! We sat down with Laura Baross, creator of, a blog dedicated to helping others achieve […]

CSR 2.0

Calling all CSR experts, this one’s for you. I’m guessing you’ve known what CSR is and why it’s important for a while now. You know the ins and outs of how to create an amazing campaign centered around social responsibility. You’ve probably even analyzed the return you’ve seen on your best CSR campaigns. But, what […]