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A Day In The Life Of Kathryn Kellogg

Introducing Kathryn Kellogg

It’s another day-in-the-life! We’re back, giving you even more of an insight into the ins and outs, the day to day, what makes these influencers so passionate about their causes.This time, we sat down with Kathryn Kellogg, creator of, a blog that works to educate others about the benefits of “zero-waste” living.

Q: What is the main purpose of your blog?

A: The main purpose of my blog is to educate others on how to reduce their impact on the planet through zero waste living. I offer comprehensive step-by-step guides to break zero waste living down into simple actionable tips with an emphasis on doing your best.

Q: Can you explain your step by step process of creating and publishing sponsored content?

A: I thoroughly test any product for 2-6 weeks depending on what it may be. For example, I can test something like a water bottle in 2 weeks, but will need longer for a mattress. I tend to upload 5-10 photos for each post, and write 500-800 words. The post will be advertised on facebook, instagram, and twitter.

Profile picture of social media influencer, Kathryn Kellogg, interviewing with GreenstarzzQ: What is your personal favorite part of being an influencer?

A: I love connecting with people. It’s an amazing way to meet like minded people and help them make actionable choices to leave a good impact on the planet.

Q: Has being an influencer impacted the way you get your message across?

A: Nope, I’ve been me from day one. I fully accredit my authenticity and unwavering stance to how I’ve grown my audience in such a short spans of time.

Q: What is your personal favorite social media platform and why?

A: I definitely spend the most time on instagram. It’s a great way to connect images and words. The interface makes it really easy to interact with others in a personal way; I don’t feel like you get that on facebook or twitter.

Q: What inspired you to spread the word about zero waste living?

A: I felt there needed to be a voice in the community that let everyone know, “No matter where you are you can make a difference. It’s not about perfection; it’s about making better choices.” That message has really resonated with people, and it’s one of the main reasons zero waste living is going mainstream.

Interested in learning more about Kathryn and her blog or just have questions that we didn’t answer? You can find her here or check her out on Instagram.

Here at Greenstarzz, our mission is to connect influencers, like Kathryn, with CSR conscious companies who share common values. We provide the tools to amplify your message through Influencer Marketing and reach new audiences. Interested in hearing more about what we do or how to get started? Get in touch.

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